Monday, September 30, 2013

Tough times ahead for Manchester United - and Moyes is to blame

Everyone is looking for reasons behind David Moyes' failure to come to grips with managing Manchester United.

I believe a very big contribution to his lack of success is due to Moyes letting go of the experienced coaching staff that served for many years under Sir Alex Ferguson and bringing with him his Everton coaching team, plus Phil Neville.

Firstly Phil Neville has no coaching experience at all. And by no coaching experience I don't mean hardly any - I mean none. He was captain of Everton until the end of the last EPL season. Manchester United is not the place you come to learn your trade.

And bringing with you a team of coaching staff that have never finished higher than 5th in the last 7 years to replace the coaching staff who in that same timeframe won the EPL 5 times. It doesn't make logical sense. Doing the same things with the same people that were done at Everton and expecting that to yield different results to those experienced at Everton - that seems a bit illogical.

So what should he do - one option is to get the main coaching staff back and work on phasing in his own coaching staff over a period of at least a couple years. Get those experienced at the Manchester United way of doing things to hand over that knowledge to the new team.

Alas, I don't think that will happen. It seems David Moyes is stubbornly set against doing this - that's if this article is anything to go by (in this article it is described by Eric Steele, one of the ex-coaching staff how one Sir Alex Ferguson asked David Moyes to please keep that team in place, advice that Moyes ignored and now sees Man Utd sitting in 12th place): SkySports article

It seems Manchester United supporters are in for an extended period of tough times. The problem the manager has is that there is a certain expectation at a club of the size and with the history of Man U. If things don't change for the positive soon the dislike of Moyes is going to steadily increase.
Recent comments that Moyes has made about a lack of world class players at Manchester United is not going to do him any favours with the supporters and players alike.

It does seem like there's a long road ahead that will have it's ups and downs. It is going to take some humility from David Moyes and lots of patience from the United supporters to get to the other end still in one piece.